PostHeaderIcon Wanna Come To Hollywood For Free?

If you haven’t heard about the golden ticket contest being run with the cookbook, take a look at what Steve Burton has to say about it.

If you want more information on the contest, Click Here.

Thanks again to all the fans who have supported this project and the Desi Geestman Foundation.

3 Responses to “Wanna Come To Hollywood For Free?”

  • Laurie McRae says:

    The video of Steve with Derk trying to scare him cracks me up every time I watch it! I’m glad you tweeted it again today!

  • Karen says:

    Um…let’s see…would I like a free trip to Hollywood? Ah yes, like a fat kid likes cake (yes, I listen to rap in my minivan after I drop the kids at school, Mom’s need some down time too :)).

  • Becca says:

    I desperately want to be in Cali but My luck is the same as always. ~ No Golden ticket for me :-( Hollywood is long way from Kentucky, where my Son lives!

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